Implementation of IBM MDM v11.6

Client: ANZ Bank

Implementation of IBM MDM v11.6, DSC, RESTful, Bamboo, Maven & Oracle 12c, Kafka for major financial institution in Australia

The implementation consisted of two parts: The Global Registry (TGR) and Australian Operational Customer Master (AOCM).

The Global Registry (TGR) was a combination of virtual MDM (Matching Hub – MH) and physical MDM (Operational Hub – OH). MH provides matching entity link based on outcome of algorithm defined with probabilistic matching, while OH persists with the member data for enriching additional data such as hierarchy and relationships. Data changes for every member are notified to downstream systems by triggering notification messages. nFolks designed and developed ‘maintain party service‘, ‘publish derived record’, ‘data model’ and ‘algorithm’ to accommodate entity attributes. Configured Bamboo jobs for automating build, deploy and test processes.

Australian Operational Customer Master (AOCM):

AOCM is a master slave database to consolidate customer data from multiple data sources and to serve the required data to downstream applications or systems. Java Server Faces web framework-based Data stewardship application is customized to integrate the new attributes, and used for searching customers based on user-defined criteria. AOCM is capable of emitting event notifications for changes to ‘party profile’ and ‘customer-to-account relationship’ to downstream systems.

On behalf of IBM, nFolks designed and developed standalone Java application – ‘Missing Data Remediation’ for remediating missing data in AOCM or in source systems, and also migrated source control repository to GIT and validated the generated EAR works. In addition, nFolks also upgraded AOCM from MDMv10.5 to MDMv11.5, and included Oracle migration from 11g to 12c. By ensuring that AOCM MDM migration did not affect functionalities, customer data and web services, nFolks ensured business continuity for the client with minimal disruptions.