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As an IBM Business Partner, we expedite cloud adoption and safeguard the integrity of data movement, priming it for AI-powered business analytics and insights

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Dr. Deema S. Alathel

MEA Technology Services Delivery Leader IBM Technology – Expert Labs

nFolks provided highly skilled resources that were critical to the success of the project, a fact recognized by both IBM and the customer.


Dumisani Mthimkhulu

Data Asset Management – Platform Head
Group Data & Analytics
Standard Bank / South Africa

The work ethic, dedication, collaboration, and sacrifice of nFolks Data Solutions is truly remarkable and deserves applause!

Paul Wise

Europe CTO and Technical lead IBM Technology Expert Labs, Solution Engineering

The role of nFolks in my projects has been pivotal. Without their contribution, our project would not have been successful.

Case Studies

DataStage Upgrade to DataStage 11.3


City of New York HRA was upgrading their infrastructure from older versions of DataStage to DataStage 11.3 which was implemented by IBM and as a part of the project, which was a very short engagement, worked closely with NYC HRA to Install and configure IBM InfoSphere Information Server 11.3.