DataDios SmartDiff

Easy-to-use, wizard-like experience for post migration data validation with a simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). ​

SmartDiff showcases the differences with data, metadata and products enabled via a comprehensive dashboard validation view. With a balanced, multi-cloud strategy that encompasses a blend of  private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, you are better positioned  to solve traditional problems. That’s where DataDios SmartDiff comes in – ensuring an easy, efficient and secure way to validate migrated data across private and public cloud platforms. Built on Root cause Analysis, Clustering and Data Transformation architecture, DataDios SmartDiff enables automated Data Validation Post Migrations, Cause analysis and Revealing the patterns. DataDios SmartDiff allows application of  data Transformation rule on data to eliminate the need to learn and play for multiple standalone tools.

We provide a single dashboard to perform data diff, metadata diff and products diff irrespective of: 
  • Source being on cloud or on-premise
  • SQL or No-SQL databases
  • File formats(xml, json, parquet, csv, datasets, hashed file and others)
  • Services and Products like IGC, IBM Knowledge Catalog, MDM, DataStage (Datasets/Hashed Files), Collibra and others
  • Cloud storages like AWS S3, Google Big bucket, Microsoft Azure storage, IBM storage and others
  • IBM OEM Partners MongoDB, EDB, Singlestore, Datastax and Cloudera

DataDios SmartDiff quickly and easily validates data and identifies issues and patterns for various data sources. With a low-cost, easy to use, and installed anywhere, you can complete your migration projects on time and  under budget.