DataDios cloud accelerator product suite automates and delivers, modernizing legacy environments to the CP4D Data Fabric Platform
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The nFolks DataDios solution eliminates sales barriers and customer concerns. Customer confidence in the migration or competitive replacement is bolstered with our software tools and automation approach. We have demonstrated success in migrating difficult Cloud Pak for Data and DataStage legacy assets with our product and services offering, working in tandem with IBM Expert Labs; DataDios has been integral to many successful Expert Labs engagements

DataDios S2P/P2P

Manual rewrite of DataStage jobs and UV functions during migration or upgrade requires huge effort, Universe skills, longer project timeline, significant cost and risk. DataDios Server to Parallel (S2P) and Parallel to Parallel (P2P) automates this and makes it happen in an accelerated timeline.

DataDios S2P and P2P accelerates job conversion by running automated conversion workflows ensuring data integrity & quality. Automation provides significant savings on effort and cost. Manual rewriting of ETL programs requires huge effort, longer project timeline, significant cost and risk. The automation takes the guesswork away and significantly reduces the project time

Steps for an on-prem to cloud migration:

    • Download the current DataStage jobs from the legacy DataStage environment that is pointing to existing on-premises data sources.
    • Import the DataStage files into the DataDiosĀ® Cloud Accelerator application.
    • Now run the conversion. DataDios prepares the migration job files by replacing existing targets with the new target.

The benefits of this approach:Ā 

    • Automated Assessment of the DataStage jobs for conversion and providing in-depth Insights
    • Automated conversion of jobs using web browser
    • Auto conversion of UV artifacts (server job, server routines & others) happens for at least 85%
    • Automated data validation to compare input and output jobs.
    • Automated conversion provides significant savings on effort and cost.