Smart Connect Data Warehouse Project for Consumer Generated Data

Client: Southern California Edison

Smart Connect Data Warehouse project is one of the high priority projects for client connecting large number of data points from their customer meters. The Metadata Warehouse repository is one of the important modules of this project being implemented to generate different reports related to impact analysis, data lineage and Business lineage.

The client, as part of Smart Connect project, wanted to implement the Metadata Warehouse repository across systems to find the impact analysis for any field changes, find data lineage and business lineage using IBM Business Glossary, Metadata workbench and other IBM foundation tools. The challenge was to integrate the solution with the large number of lot of end-to-end systems including vendor technologies such as SAP Business Objects reports, Erwin data models, Teradata, Oracle, DataStage code, stored procedures, extended mappings and others.

Representing IBM at client site, nFolks Data Solutions implemented the project by importing all the metadata assets using IMAM for Erwin data models, Teradata, Oracle, DataStage ETL jobs and others. nFolks also created Business Categories, terms and other Business assets using Business Glossary, and mapped the IT assets to Business assets in Business Glossary to generate data lineage, business lineage & impact analysis using Metadata Workbench. Worked closely with IBM Israel Labs to address the product issues, we offered help in including right features which would provide more granular information for the client.

Client was able to find impact analysis if any IT asset such database column or ETL jobs, generate end to end lineage from source system to SAP BO reports, generate business lineage. In addition, both function & technical teams are able to use Business Glossary.