Upgrade of ProfitMax NextGen Solution

Client: Wells Fargo

ProfitMax NextGen objective was to calculate Profit and Loss metrics for the wholesale line of businesses at various levels like Customer, Relationship, Officer, Accounting Unit (AU), and Organizational Unit (OU) by building a Profitability Data Warehouse. The ProfitMAX NextGen is a rewrite of current legacy application, which is a customer and product profitability tool used by the Wholesale Banking division of the client to view customer / product profitability. 3000 users were estimated to access the solutions and would enable them to view and measure profitability at an officer, AU and product level.

The issue for the client was that the Data Warehouse modeling was done with very poor practices & no best practices had been in place by previous implementation partner, leading to large number of issues, resulting in inaccurate data with missing relationships between target tables. The issues resulted in an unstable code and the reporting results were affected.

nFolks Data Solutions, along with another implementation partner, were requested to fix the issues caused by the previous poor implementation. With best Solution Developers and Architects being deployed with right strategy, we were able to fix the code issues as well as the design issues & developed a solution which resulted in generating reports at 20 levels down granular reports across the whole sale line of Business Services and products for the financial institution, thereby meeting the primary end-point requirements. With the implementation, client was able to save lot of money and got and effective solution, which resulted in generating reports granular reports for 20 different at 20 levels, thereby providing streamlined data for improved decision making.