CP4D v4.x Data Refinery and Data Quality

Course Overview

This course teaches how to use Data Refinery for self-service data preparation, Data profiling and Visualization. Users will also know how to manage and govern data assets in knowledge catalog. Users will gain experience by creating Governance artifacts and adding data assets to a governed catalog so that data protection rules are automatically enforced to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. They will also learn how to quickly find and access data, self-service data request and fulfilling the Data request.


  • Familiarity with relational database concept is desirable but not required


  • Business Users
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Stewards
  • Governance users
  • Data Quality Analysts
  • Data Scientist
  • Catalog Administrators / Metadata Administrators
  • Data Engineers
  • Developers


Day 1:
• Getting Started with IBM Cloud Pak for Data
        – Login to Web Client
        – Services Catalog
        – Customize the branding, home page and managing tours
• Understand how to Organize and Collaborate Governance Artifacts and Assets in IBM Knowledge Catalog
        – Categories
        – Catalogs
        – Projects
• Security and User Roles in IBM Knowledge Catalog
        – Managing users
        – Managing user groups
        – Predefined user roles and Permissions
        – Custom user roles

Projects in IBM Knowledge Catalog
        – Project – An Overview
        – Add Collaborators to a Project
        – Add Assets to the Project
• Data Refinery
        – Data Refinery – An Overview
        – Supported Data Refinery data sources and targets
        – Data Refinery Execution Engine for large Hadoop Datasets
        – Creating a Data Refinery Flow
        – Data Refinery Flow – Promote to Deployment Space
        – Data Refinery Flow – Profile
        – Data Refinery Flow – Visualization
        – Data Refinery – Creating a Job
        – Data Refinery – Running a Job

Day 2:
• Data Request
        – Data Request – An Overview
        – Data Request – End to End Process
        – Create a Data Request
        – Responding to Data Request
        – Remove Assignment
• Catalog Management
        – Create a Catalog
        – Add Collaborators to a Catalog
        – Adding Assets to the Catalog
        – Edit and Review Assets
        – Add Catalog Asset to a Project
        – Publish Project Assets to Catalog

Day 3:
• Prepare for Governance
        – Create or import governance categories.
        – Assign IBM Knowledge Catalog roles to users.
        – Add users to categories.
        – Set up workflow configurations
• Governance Artifacts Overview
        – Policies
        – Governance Rules
        – Business Terms
        – Classifications
        – Data Classes
        – Reference Data Set
        – Data Protection Rules
• Find and Access Assets
        – Find and Search Assets – An Overview
        – Global Search Bar
        – Search Assets with keywords and filters
        – Find (browse) Assets by Watson recommendation, Highly rated and Recently added
        – Review Asset ratings and reviews

Start Date: 07/08/2024
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Duration: 3 Days(5 hours a day)


Time: 8 AM GMT

Delivery Method: Virtual

Language: English

Course ID: NFCP4D-DR-GMT17

Price: $2500

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