CP4D v4.x Platform Administration

Course Overview

This course covers the topics related to Architecture, administering the Red Hat® OpenShift® cluster and administering the Cloud Pak for Data platform. Under cluster administration, we will discuss Scaling services, Adding nodes to Cloud Pak for Data cluster. Under administering the Cloud Pak for Data platform, we will cover Monitoring the platform, Managing users, connecting to identity provider, Gathering diagnostic information, customizing the platform etc. WE will also discuss some troubleshooting techniques and applying fixes and upgrades.


  • Redhat Open shift Cluster architecture
  • Linux administration
  • Kubernetes administration


  • Developers
  • Administrators
  • Red hat Administrators
  • Linux Administrators
  • Kubernetes Administrators


  • Planning
    • Architecture for IBM Cloud Pak for Data
    • System requirements (Hardware / Software / Storage)
    • Installation roles and personas
    • Storage considerations
  • Installation
    • Pre-installation tasks
    • Installation of RedHat Openshift cluster
    • Installation of Cloud Pak for Data
    • Post-installation tasks
    • Services and Integrations
    • Uninstalling the common core services
    • Uninstalling the scheduling service
    • Uninstalling Cloud Pak for Data
  • Administration
    • Administering the cluster
      • Scaling services
      • Adding nodes to Cloud Pak for Data cluster
      • Backing up and restoring deployment
      • Migrating Cloud Pak for Data metadata and clusters
  • Administering the Cloud Pak for Data platform
    • Managing users / roles
    • Importing JDBC drivers for data sources
    • Monitoring the platform
    • Managing storage volumes
    • Gathering diagnostic information
    • Managing secrets and vaults
    • Customizing the platform
    • Configuring LDAP
  • Cloud Pak for Data cpd-cli command reference
  • Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting Cloud Pak for Data installation
    • Troubleshooting Cloud Pak for Data platform
    • Creating service ticket with IBM
    • Posting issues and getting help from IBM community
  • Apply upgrade/fix patches
Start Date: 07/08/2024
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Duration: 3 Days(5 hours a day)


Time: 8 AM GMT

Delivery Method: Virtual

Language: English

Course ID: NFCP4D-PA-IBM Knowledge CatalogAD-GMT09

Price: $2500

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