InfoSphere Advanced Connectors DataStage v11.7.x

Course Overview

This course covers DataStage new features, advanced connectors and stages that are very useful and comparatively complex. The course begins working with IMAM and GitHub. It covers stages that connect to cloud services and messaging services including Kafka. This course also covers DataStage Administrative new features which got added since its previous versions.

Each unit has labs associated with it, wherever applicable. Students are expected to do the lab to understand the concepts explained. The steps for that are explained in detail so that the student can follow it easily.


  • Hands-on with DataStage Parallel jobs or DataStage Essentials course
  • Basic Familiarity with Cloud services
  • Basic knowledge of Windows operating system
  • Familiarity with Database access techniques and Database SQL skills


ETL developers who would want to use the latest DataStage 11.7 new features, advanced connectors to cloud, messaging services and DFD


Day – 1
• Working with IMAM
• GitHub Integration
• Data Flow Designer Overview
• Data Flow Designer – Passive Stages
• Data Flow Designer – Active Stages

Day – 2
• Change Capture
• Surrogate Key Generator Stage
• Slowly Changing Dimensions
• Kafka Connector
• Amazon S3 Connector
• Amazon RedShift Connector

Day – 3
• Google Big Query Connector
• Google Cloud Storage Connector
• Snowflake Connector
• Microsoft Azure Connector
• Checksum

Day – 4
• Bloom Filter
• DataStage Administration New Features
• Job Optimization
• Cloud Pak for Data for DataStage – DataStage Flow

Start Date: 07/08/2024
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Duration: 4 Days(5 hours a day)


Time: 8 AM ECT

Delivery Method: Virtual

Language: English

Course ID: DS-117A-ECT17

Price: $2500

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