Cleanroom Project for Sales Data Analysis

Client: American Airlines/US Airways

Cleanroom project was a sales merger project between two major US based airlines, which were in the process of merging their operations, including sales data. The target for the implementation was to generate market shares of the two airlines with reference other airlines for improving sales.

To major airlines in the US decided to merge. Prior to the completion of the merger, the airline companies were not allowed to run combined sales reports, and the same was outsourced to ZS Associates where nFolks Data Solutions was asked to help on the ETL part for loading sales data across different routes, sources, destinations, legs, seats and others compared to other competing airlines.

nFolks Data Solutions used various data tools to assimilate data from the two airlines while adhering to legal requirements for data privacy prior to the merger. Following the solution provided y nFolks, client was able to seamlessly generate market share reports for improved business planning for activities such as route optimization and sales planning.