Migration from DataStage 7.0 to DataStage 8.7

Client: Gulf State Toyota

Client is a distributor for a large Japanese automotive company in the US. Client operates with 150+ dealerships in 5 states. Data Migration project was one of the high priority projects for the client wherein they were migrating their systems from IBM InfoSphere DataStage 7.0 version to IBM InfoSphere 8.7.

Client wanted to migrate the code from DataStage 7.0 version to DataStage 8.7 version but most of the jobs were server jobs with few plug-ins being used which were no longer available in DataStage 8.7 version and these needed to be converted to parallel jobs. Overall Architecture assessment was based on different factors such as volume assessment, server assessment, topology design, resource estimation, performance tuning before installing the DataStage 8.7 version and migrating the code from lower version to higher version.

nFolks Data Solutions performed server assessment and upgraded the code from DataStage 7.0 version to DataStage 8.7 version by converting all the server jobs to parallel jobs whose plugins were depreciated. The migration was successful with minimal disruptions to the operations of the client. The implementation helped the client achieve Business Continuity by staying abreast of the latest data technologies.