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Executive Summary

SOFTWARE SALES: Software Sales teams can leverage our latest product offering, the DataDios Workload Analyzer to:
  • Accelerate deal velocity with a compelling ROI forecast: The cost savings motivate CIOs to invest in and migrate their non-IBM workloads to
  • Automates the analysis and recommendation: The software analyses, assesses, and reports on which non-IBM workloads are most suitable for migration to – a 70% reduction in effort.
EXPERT LABS: Expert Labs can accelerate the services timeline with the DataDios Workload Analyzer for to::
  • Accelerate the engagement: Automates the analysis (70% reduction in effort) and recommendation of non-IBM customer workloads for potential move to
  • Automate the ingestion: Migrates these workloads to cheaper, faster, better.
  • Create upsell opportunities: Delivers a customer ready ROI forecast model to motivate the transition of new, non-IBM workloads to The services team can add incremental value beyond the original SOW.
Our website summarizes the key capabilities and benefits of our DataDios Workload Analyzer software. This web link also has the FAQ, product offering, and demo videos.

Note: Our DataDios suite of products has been successfully utilized in Expert Labs engagements with DataStage and IBM Knowledge Catalog and we are in the process of getting a PID approved by IBM procurement.

FAQ: DataDios Value Prop, And Engagement Guide

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SOFTWARE SALES: How does DataDios Workload Analyzer help with closing deals?

DataDios Workload Analyzer accelerates sales and services with compelling ROI forecasts,  motivating the CIO to invest in Our software automates the discovery of the client environment by 70%, accelerating the deal closure.

SERVICES: Why is DataDios Workload Analyzer critical for the success of the services engagement?

DataDios Workload Analyzer reduces risks via the automation of the workload analysis that is a very critical component of a successful engagement. Automation is the way to go; a manual assessment is not only a monumental task, the chances of getting it wrong and the potential for an unhappy customer is very high.

ROI: Does DataDios Workload Analyzer deliver a client-ready ROI forecast that delivers by migrating non-IBM expensive workloads to

The short answer is – Yes. For instance, with Snowflake, DataDios can programmatically access cost factors. For, we’re currently waiting on the API hooks to retrieve cost information. Once these are in place, the DataDios Workload Analyzer will generate and provide a client-ready ROI forecast.

PRESALES: How would nFolks be engaged for a presales (ROI) engagement?

Here are the steps:

  • The sales rep introduces to the customers and explains how it can optimize OpEx by moving non-IBM workloads to
  • After confirming the client’s interest, the sales rep should highlight DataDios’ ability to automatically deliver accurate ROI forecasts.
  • Offer the client a POC to show them the actual savings with
  • To start this POC, reach out to Rishi Kumar from nFolks – The POC usually lasts 2-4 weeks.
  • During the POC, we’ll use the DataDios Workload Analyzer tool, which cuts down costs and time by 70%.

At the end, the client receives a detailed report showing which Workloads should be moved to, and the expected cost savings.

SERVICES: How would nFolks be engaged for a services engagement?

To get started, reach out to Rishi Kumar from nFolks – nFolks manages the end-to-end engagement (except for the project manager who is typically a client or IBM resource), structured in two separate phases:

  • Phase1: Identify client recommended client-recommended workloads from a single data source for potential migration to The DataDios software accelerator can reduce cost and effort by 70%. Upon completion of this 2 to 4 week effort, we’ll deliver a detailed report.
  • Phase 2: Once source workloads are finalized by the client for migration, nFolks will complete the workload migration/ingestion task accelerated again by our DataDios Workload Analyzer software.

Given the substantial cost savings that this effort delivers, we anticipate that the client will likely want to repeat phases 1 and 2 above for migrating additional workloads.

How does DataDios handle the data collected and data sensitivity, data regulations etc.?

DataDios Workload Analyzer extracts query, run statistics, table & database storage details, and query-to-table object associations. All analysis is retained within the client’s IT environment.

What are the types of data sources the DataDios Workload Analyzer can handle today?

DataDios Workload Analyzer currently supports Snowflake and Teradata, with Hadoop integration set for completion by October’s end. Our agile methodology ensures quick extensions — typically one to two weeks — for new databases and sources. Present us with a hot opportunity, and our engineering team will deliver!

The nFolks Services Offering

A short 3-minute demo of DataDios Workload Analyzer

Watch this video to get the deep-dive demo